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The Campaign to Save Kennington Library

September 2011

As you might have read in the Kennington Chronicle, although our library itself has been saved, its services have not!

The Friends of Kennington Library have submitted a response to the proposals which you can view on the notice board outside the library or on-line:

We have been told that we are unlikely to expect an answer from our most important question until December --    after the Consultation has already finished.

In reviewing the many pages of the consultation documents to prepare the response the Friends came to the conclusion that whilst the councils revised proposal retained the library premises and book stock it did not adequately support the services of Kennington library or of any of the other libraries in the lower groups where staff costs are proposed to be cut by 2/3.

The key issues with the revised proposals are as follows:
·                The cost savings are not shared across all 43 libraries.
·                All of the cuts proposed are to rural libraries with the exception of Old Marston. Nothing in the proposal mentions back office savings, savings in the city libraries or in management or service support. However we have been told that some savings will be made in the back office.
·                There is no recognition of the not inconsiderable costs of volunteer training and CRB checks that are legally required.
·                The responsibilities that volunteers are expected to undertake are the equivalent to those expected of a paid employee e.g. building security, health and safety, Fire Marshall (see 7 page document for full details)

We have been informed by the Library Consultation that it may be advantageous for residents of Kennington to fill in the Consultation form, but several of the questions are ambiguous without a detailed understanding of the full consultation document.

Therefore, as the Friends group has already completed this analysis and has consulted with other libraries we felt it would be helpful to provide guidance to residents who would like to support the Friends response.

Before you start, you may be interested in an article that carefully looked at the Council's data:


You can fill in the form on-line:

If you prefer a printed version, either go to and print it (starting page 14), or collect a copy from the Library.    Once filled in, return it to the library or post it to the Council to arrive no later than 29th September.


Download the guidance notes here that might help to complete the consultation form. 

We appreciate you taking the time to read this and fill in the form.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact any of us via the library.

Paddy Landau                                     Sylvia Vetta                   
01865 429135                                     01865 739071

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