Sunday, 16 January 2011

Unintended consequences

Here is another unintended consequence of closing the Library in Kennington. Rob Maggs, the Treasurer of the Kennington Village Hall, has sent us figures showing that fully 12.5% of the Village Hall's income comes from the Library.If the Library were to close, this would endanger the Village Hall, as it would be hard, if not impossible in these straitened times, to find the same regular and reliable source of income.

The Village Hall might have to close. Goodbye Tae Kwondo, Rosemary Connelly, Ballet Group, Junior Choir, Dancing Classes, local KADS shows, and so forth. Where would we hold our Parish Council meetings? Room for a Tesco in Kennington, anyone? (And what would be the knock-on effects of that? Goodbye local Post Office, perhaps?)

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