Saturday, 22 January 2011

Does the Council want to divide and conquer?

At the Pullman meeting on Thursday 20th, Nick Squid warned against the council "playing one service against the other." Philip Pullman talked about a probable strategy of "divide and conquer."

The Kennington library campaign has suspected this for some time. Councillor Judith Heathcoat seemed to confirm this when one of our members attended the Berinsfield meeting recently. At the meeting, Cllr Heathcoat said that there was no secrecy about the figures (the costs of the libraries), and that if people emailed her or the future libraries address, the figures would be provided.

Our member pointed out that we had been asking for these figures for nearly a month and despite numerous emails and letters, she had given us precisely no information at all.

Cllr Heathcoat's reply was disappointing. Instead of promising to rectify the situation, she gave a short reply implying that our member had no right to be at the meeting, as Kennington had had its turn. Personally, I would have thought that the question would be highly appropriate for Berinsfield and indeed all other libraries.

That type of action appears (to me) to show that the Council is not interested in serving the people who elect and (through taxes) pay them, but rather to have their own agenda without a genuine consultation.

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